'Believe' is the eagerly awaited debut album from Katrina
Polfrey. Written at Town House Studios, Canalot Studios and
Ealing Film Studios the singer/songwriter 'knows exactly
what she's aiming for and pulls it off to perfection', The
albums title track, Believe, which is also the last song,
encompasses Katrina's determination to follow her dream,
against the odds. The album is a mix of upbeat pop and
soulful ballads which is bound to capture the listeners'
All tacks written by Polfrey / Hughes / McDonald with the exception of
track 7 "I Wasn't Wrong" written by Hughes /
Richard Norris. All tracks produced and engineered by Hughes / McDonald.
All instrument programming by Hughes / McDonald. Backing vocals - tracks
2, 3, 8 by Juliet Roberts. tracks 1, 5 by Jackie Eden Gerorge and Katrina
Polfrey. tracks 6, 7 by Katrina Polfrey. track 11 by Sabrina Cortex Gospel
Choir. Recorded at PSA Studios.
Katrina's first EP, Easy Way Out, which included What
Gives You The Right and It Only Takes A While has
proved a massive hit on iTunes around the world since
being released in laste 2008. When first release in
2008 the single received top popularity ratings on the
iTunes store despite Katrina not being signed to a
record label
All music, images and text copyright © 2010 Katrina Polfrey. All Rights Reserved